A Thank You Message From Migranet

Hi everyone,

We wanted to reach out and touch base after our successful IEO on IDAX. The last 18 months have been a long and winding road with many highs and lows that ultimately brought us here to this moment — bringing the Migranet project to the world. Our vision of simplifying the immigration process, making it more accessible, providing increased security and transparency, helping NGO’s with refugees, providing intelligent recommendations regarding host countries, and all while reducing the costs, are the reasons we have fought so hard to get here. Migranet is needed; this knowledge has been gained from real-life professional experience in the industry and was used to forge this vision of a revolutionized international migration system that puts the migrants first.

We wanted to thank our families, friends, and supporters who have been here since the beginning of this journey, your constant help and motivation have been invaluable and it means the world to us. To all the people that have just joined and are learning about Migranet for the first time; we want to extend a big thank-you as well, constantly expanding our reach and furthering the understanding about what we do here at Migranet is paramount as we continue to achieve our goals and milestones.

We hope you all have a great day and thanks again for all your support!

Yours in migration,

The Migranet Team.