Migranet FAQ

We are super excited to be on the ICO bench and for receiving an average rating of 4.5. Thanks to our community and the experts.

Below are a few questions and comments regarding the Migranet platform. We would like to take this opportunity to address these comments:

Comment: “But there are thousands of aspects that need to be revised when trying to develop such an ambitious project, combining Blockchain with AI is not a simple thing and to make them work to their maximum you really need to find the perfect joint between the two.”

We fully agree that there are vast intricacies involved in marrying AI with blockchain technology. Please allow me to shed some light on where AI will be applicable and where the blockchain part will come in.

AI will be responsible during the initial phase when an applicant is filling out the immigration application form. Machine learning algorithm will assess the information provided by the applicant and recommend host countries that the applicant is qualified for. Blockchain will be used for immutability.

Our development team has blockchain developers and AI specialists who have worked on large crypto exchange projects where the AI and blockchain merger was a key requirement. We are very confident our team is up for the challenge.

We have also partnered with Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Alliance (DAIA) to further strengthen our AI development capabilities. Below is the announcement link:


Comment: “The migration problem is a very large and important one and certainly not solved with an ICO and a 75M hard cap, that’s for sure.”

As you can see by our answer to point 2 above, our focus is to automate the application process and to enhance the end-user experience by simplifying the process.

At present immigration, practitioners charge significantly higher fees for helping migrants with their immigration application. Think of Migranet platform as using turbo tax, instead of going to an accountant for simple tax purposes. For complicated issues you still need to see the accountant, similarly, you will need immigration practitioners for more complicated cases.

Migranet will vet these practitioners to ensure only the best ones are used. The automation process of Migranet also ensures that when practitioners are needed, their services will still be substantially lower as much of the work has already been done.

Comment: “The MVP is a small form that filled in the various values tells you whether you are fit or not (too short at the moment). The team is quite complete and experienced in the various departments, although in my opinion, it lacks a little more Blockchain development experience in (I repeat, the project is very complex and ambitious), while I failed to verify the background of the team member who is presented as Blockchain Developer.”

The MVP is not just a form, there is a machine learning algorithm in the backend. The algorithm is based on 1300+ used cases for one of the most popular immigration classes in Canada. Currently, we are feeding more data to the AI as we develop it further for Canada and other countries.

Our intent is not to develop an immigration solution for every country in the world. Our intent is to automate and simplify the immigration process for the countries where most people prefer to migrate to, for example, Canada, US, UK, Australia etc.

Thank you for the confidence in the team, we have real professionals whose personal reputation is at stake. Regarding the blockchain development team, we have updated the link to the developers GitHub where you can see their past experience as well. Thank you for identifying that.

Comment: “The community is completely missing”

We accept this point wholeheartedly and feel community growth is our next big mission. Our team has been busy with the development of the AI which seems like a simple form, but the ML algorithm is built with 1300+ use cases for one of the most popular immigration classes in Canada.

Our focus now is to continue to develop our AI and to build a robust community. We do, however, have to date over 560+ members on our telegram, 1700+ on Twitter.

We recently started our marketing campaign because we truly believe that funds should go towards development first and then to other areas. Our key focus is to deliver a working product fast, that will impact millions of lives around the world.

We hope that we have highlighted the major areas we viewed as being misunderstood or not accurately represented.

We thank you for your continued support and feedback.