Could Reducing Immigration Really Boost Immigrant Integration?

Maybe, But There’s a WAY Easier Way to Do This

By cutting off immigrant inflows, immigrants will be forced to mingle more with natives in their personal and economic lives, absorbing more of the native culture. In other words, high immigration alongside a high foreign-born share of the population enables “replenishment” of foreign populations that retards integration.

Family, Friendship, War, and Commerce

How to Make Foreigners Natives

How Dense is the Foreign-Born Population?

A Nation of Foreigners

How Dense Are Specific Foreign-Born Populations?

Many Nations of Foreigners

21st Century Migration

Fewer Mexicans, More Asians

The Mexican immigration rate has fallen by 2/3 since the 1990s.

While there may be some justification for curtailing Mexican immigration in order to facilitate integration, Chinese, Indian, or Caribbean immigration could be greatly boosted without imperiling social integration.

Crowded Gateways

The Changing Geography of Immigration

Since the 1990s, the geographic concentration of immigrants has plummeted, even as the concentration of the whole population has risen.

Don’t Reduce Immigration

Restructure and Raise It



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Lyman Stone

Global cotton economist. Migration blogger. Proud Kentuckian. Advisor at Demographic Intelligence. Senior Contributor at The Federalist.