Launching the Migration Nation Podcast

Because You Always Wanted to Hear My Voice

In yesterday’s post about migration in the 1850s, I mentioned I’d be launching a Podcast, probably next week.

Well, Kickstarter got back to my co-host and I faster than we expected, so we’re launching today! That’s right! As of today, the Migration Nation Podcast is a real thing!

This is what Medium’s embed from Kickstarter looks like. So, yeah. It’s just a static image I think.

I’m excited about this project. So let me tell you more about it.

Mommy, Where Do Americans Come From?

Conestoga Wagons Deliver Them to America’s Doorstep, Honey

Regular readers know that, while I began this blog with an explicitly contemporary focus, I’ve always been interested in the history of migration. The second post was half about the history of migration in the US. And since then, I’ve had a boatload of very specifically “historically” themed posts. Here’s a partial list:

The reason I do these historical posts is simple: as Koheleth says in Ecclesiastes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” The analytic window most people use when talking about migration is extremely short, and doesn’t consider the fact that migration is part of a generations-long process of demographic change. We can only really see what migration means when we can place it in a much larger narrative.

But if all we have is this “grand narrative,” then all we’re really doing is mythologizing migration. I’ve criticized that too in my numerous blog posts criticizing “migration myths” as exemplified in popular media outlets.

So, how should we position migration? What does it mean, and how can we talk about past migration in a meaningful way?

That’s what Migration Nation is all about: telling the story of American migration in a detailed, contextualized way.

My co-host (who’s not much for social media, the Luddite!) and I will start at the American Revolution and, over the next several years, work our way up to the present day. Yes. I said years. Currently, we’re working a lot on Season 1 of Migration Nation, running from 1783 to 1865. We plan to release episodes every 2 weeks or so (first real episode March 28, although you can listen to your intro episode below), and on that schedule, Season 1 will take us pretty much to the end of 2016.

So Lyman, This Podcast Sounds Cool!

How Can I Support You With My Sweet, Sweet Dollars?

You’re so nice! First of all, check out our Kickstarter! You can donate to us and get some pretty awesome rewards if you do. Beyond that, even if you don’t donate, you can share with your friends! Isn’t social media amazing?

But really, even more than financial support, we’d love if you could spread the word about our project. The goal here isn’t to make money (I mean seriously, I’ve been doing this blogging thing a while now without making a penny; you think I really care that much about migration paying my bills?), but to elevate the conversation about migration, and add another perspective to the world of historical podcasts.

Sound like your type of thing? Great!

Check us out on Facebook.

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Visit our website.

And share us with your friends!

Thanks so much! I’ll still be blogging here but, as you can guess, a lot of my efforts will continue to be historically focused in the future.

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