Metaps Alpha Releases the World’s First Payment Option for Digital Items (NFT) in Japanese Yen on Its NFT Exchange, miime

Metaps Alpha
Jul 14, 2020 · 3 min read

pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first Japanese yen settlement function on miime, the company’s blockchain technology-based digital item (NFT) marketplace.


Amidst the growing demand for digital content transactions in the wake of the global coronavirus crisis, Metaps Alpha’s miime will begin offering a payment function for digital items (NFT) in Japanese yen using credit cards from July 14.

Until now, the trading of digital items (NFT) has required the use of payment via crypto assets [HD1] (such as ETH). This is a major hurdle for new users who do not own cryptocurrency, and we believe that it will be a major impediment to the development and growth of the market into the future.

[Payment Method]

Payment can be made via credit card, with currently Visa or Mastercard available, in addition to the Metaps groups’ smartphone remittance application pring (, making it easier for many users without crypto assets to perform transactions with digital items (NFT) through the miime platform.*Compatible credit cards:

・ Mastercard(

Into the near future, we plan to continue introducing a variety of payment options with the goal of building a platform where anyone can easily trade NFT items through miime.

[About miime]

miime is a C2C marketplace where digital items (NFT) can be traded between users, and allows for the buying and selling of items such as game characters and weapons. By utilizing blockchain technology, the digital item payment and transfer of ownership is carried out at the same time the sale is made, with these digital items recorded as tokens on the blockchain in a format called NFT (Non-Fungible Token).


・Official Twitter:

[Current Available Titles]

Currently 9 titles are available for trading on miime, including My Crypto Heroes (, CryptoSpells (, and other popular Japanese titles. In the future we plan to expand our platform to also offer items from non-game areas, including collectible cards and high value-added products such as wine and art.

[Most Recent Operations]


We provide NFT-based property rights management services for all types of content, including games, media, books, music, and art for businesses. If you are interested in implementing a blockchain-based ownership management system, please contact us at miime.

[Company Overview]

Company name: Metaps Alpha Inc.

Representative: Yuichiro Yamazaki

Location: Sumitomo Fudosan Azabu-Juban Building 3rd Floor, 1–4–1 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Established: May 2016


Metaps Alpha is committed to blockchain technology and developing related services.We currently specialize in three business areas in Japan: product development, technology consulting, and marketing research in the blockchain field, with a focus on using the power of technology and design to create a forward-thinking business.

Metaps Alpha Inc.





Metaps Alpha

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Official account of Metaps blockchain team.



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