I Re-Watched “28 Days Later” And Man I Could Sure Go For A Pepsi

When’s the last time you watched 28 Days Later?

Because I just re-watched it recently with a group of friends and there was something that stuck out to all of us that I completely missed the first time around.

Let me give you a hint of what I’m talking about.

Notice anything? Here’s another clue.

Still not getting it? Maybe a better look at the vending machine will help.

Could you recognize the logo on that can in the top right corner? I can’t quite make it out…

OK, now they’re not even being subtle.

Ask for more!

Because nothing quenches your thirst during the zombie apocalypse like a nice cold…

It’s almost like Coca-Cola doesn’t even exist in this world.

None of this changes the fact that 28 Days Later is a great movie, but that is some pretty obvious product placement right there.

Now who else is thirsty for a Pepsi?