Swimming as a Hobby to Stay in Shape

There is an extensive amount of information available online that discusses a wide range of different exercise forms. From tried and true exercise techniques such as running and cycling to more modern practices like Zumba, there is much to choose from in the way of staying in shape. Understanding what it takes to make long-term changes to your body and health can be a daunting task, but it is one that’s well worth it in the long run. Choosing a way to exercise is important, as it is evident that individuals work out harder when participating in activities that they actually enjoy.

While he began his career as an accountant, Mike Kotch’s passion lays with swimming and coaching.

Mike Kotch is a coaching, recruiting, and business professional from Ashland, Massachusetts. He also happens to be a former coach for competitive swimming and continues to use swimming as an enjoyable way to stay in shape. As it is a hobby of his, Mike finds swimming to be a very fulfilling form of exercise. Swimming also has a whole host of benefits that set it apart from other types of exercise. Below, Mike Kotch discusses the advantages that swimming has as a hobby to stay in shape.

Advantages over other forms of cardio

A popular reason that people tend to avoid exercise is the experience of pain or discomfort in their joints.

When swimming, however, the stress on your joints is substantially lower than almost any other workout option. Professional coaches like Michael Kotch say that swimming has a major advantage of longevity and sustainability over other forms of exercise. Swimming is one of the best full body workouts that allows you to improve both your cardiovascular endurance and strength. Further, the water can help increase your range of motion during stretches and recovery workouts while helping to limit the traditional impact on joints that might come from running.

Quick and accessible according to Mike Kotch

Community centers all over the country have pools open for public use, both athletically and leisurely. Even the most inexperienced swimmer can feel confident incorporating swimming into their practices to stay in shape. This accessibility allows individuals to build confidence and enjoy their time in the water. People often claim that time is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when taking part in fitness efforts. Swimming has the advantage of being a very time-effective practice; as little as 30 minutes of swimming, three times a week will have significant positive effects on the body. As a fast, fun and efficient workout, it is easy to see why swim coaches like Mike Kotch think of it as more of a hobby than exercise.

Change it up

Just as there are different types of squats and pushups, there is also a variety of swimming strokes and workouts to choose from. Changing strokes helps manage the repetitive motion that the shoulder might experience through just swimming freestyle. Using all four strokes, as well as incorporating different intensity levels keeps your workout interesting and give you options on days when you just need to take it easy.

Last words

According to former coach and swimming enthusiast, Mike Kotch, swimming is an efficient and fulfilling way to stay in shape. By incorporating enjoyable activities such as swimming into your workout routine, you are sure to feel the health benefits while experiencing the added advantage of participating in a hobby.