2-Minute Soft Skill Drills — Developmental Feedback

Too often we sugarcoat or avoid the truth. We’re afraid we’ll hurt others or that they won’t be able to handle the feedback we give. What we don’t realize is that feedback could very well be what sets them on the right path — a turning point for them that will change their life forever.

In his TEDx talk on the Power of Self-Awareness, William L. Sparks Ph.D. delivers a compelling message on how giving and receiving feedback can transform lives. Check it out on YouTube if you get a chance.

While it’s important we be present during design critiques and give feedback in our jobs, it is of the utmost importance that we consider our moral obligation to give constructive, helpful, and developmental feedback to others.

Of course, do it with kindness, candor, privacy, empathy, and love, but give feedback all the same. How might you improve their situation by giving them constructive, developmental feedback?

In so doing, others will have a better experience of us and our connection to them will grow ever stronger.

As a side note to giving someone this kind of feedback, it’s imperative that we follow-up with them too. Check in. See how they’re doing. Doing this builds integrity and trust.



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Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

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