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6.17 - 7.03, 2016 | 14 YO | FUJI X20

This summer was different, in that the purpose was more about uniting than ever before. Family + friends from LA, New Delhi, Iowa, Detroit, Minneapolis all came together; extended family members meeting each other for the first time. This was also the first time my siblings and I travelled together alone. We got to live the life of the peaceful and tiny Fairfield, Iowa, and spend time inMinnesota where my Grandmother grew up. And because of this trip I have now completed my American experience; already living on both coasts, and now the Mid West.

Travel There

My siblings and I woke early and ate salmon + eggs, and then my brother and sister packed manga for the plane. More recently I know I value adventure + travel, and so to experience this trip with my siblings was nice as it hopefully started many more adventures for us in the future.

After landing in Las Vegas for our layover, we all smiled for the first thing in front of us were slot machines; the stereotypical Las Vegas we always imagined. We were however in a rush because our flight from L.A left late, giving us 5 minutes after landing in Las Vegas to run to our connecting flight.

Above is Luca asleep on both flights. He also managed to spill drinks on his legs on both flights.

Living Fairfield

For us, our trip lived in two places: Fairfield, - where our aunt Karen currently studies at - and Minneapolis, where the rest met. We spent our first days in Fairfield, then drove to Minneapolis for a little over a weekend, and back to Fairfield until we headed back home. This post is split into those 2 parts, our time in Fairfield, and Minneapolis.


Friend Levi

I haven’t spent too much time with Levi throughout my life but I really appreciate him. Originally a friend with my Aunt when they studied music at Interlochen. Since then he’s always been in touch with my family frequently sending us kids gifts, and back when I think shipping was more expensive. He’s visited us a few times in the different cities I’ve lived in but this was the first time we spent a lot of time with him and he brought

Home | Airbnb


Two are being social, in the same room, at the same time but it’s different. And then we still have our classic social below.

In trying to manifest my love for photography into something I might do for a living one day, I’ve started to make photo books. This summer I finished my book of India just in time and so I was able to give, as well as show, my grandparents my view of my visit at their city.

Family Them Selves

Grandma + Philip’s Last Day

Last Day

On us kids’ last day with our Aunt, we helped her move into her dorm where she would finish her degree and teach at the Maharishi School of Transcendental Meditation. And it was on this day where we understood the simplicity of the suburbs and where I could imagine my self actually living in isolation for a brief part of my life.

Living Minnesota

This trip was this

Heidi Schinder

Family Time


After our two rounds of bowling, I realized that our time in Minnesota was going quite well; it’s difficult to facilitate everyone’s needs, especially when everyone is of all ages and come from all parts of the world.

Drive Back

Before we left for Fairfield, I made a custom route on my phone along the Mississippi River that although added an hour or two, was worth while with it’s views.

We then we’re very lucky to find a great restaurant that made all of us happy to find after eating.

Travel Back

To our surprise there’s still escort tickets available for family members which was lovely and will definitely be used by my family in the future.

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