One Year In.

December 1st, 2016 will be one full year being a Navy Girlfriend.

Looking back at my emotions from a year ago; I feel like I over reacted, however I feel like they were completely justified. I sit here to write this as I keep looking at my nails.

They’re cream colored with rose gold sparkles. I had gotten them done for the Navy Ball last weekend. I made such a fuss over the ball. I spent a couple months looking for dresses and doing research on what I should do. I’ve never been one to be prim and proper. I grew up hunting and fishing and sleeping in tents during the summer.

I spent about $300 for all the things I needed to look perfect for the ball. Gown, shoes, make up, nails. I think I was more excited than he was. We enjoyed the ball.

December 1st, he left. He left a 28 year old man and came home a 28 year old Sailor. He’s a little bit more responsible than before, he’s a lot more confident than before. He was expected to come home in June this past summer, he ended up coming home in April.

I was so relieved.

Our relationship seems stronger now than it was. We don’t fight nearly as often. I love it when he has to explain why his girlfriend is better at something compared to one of the younger Sailors. It makes me laugh. It makes me remember that I am not a trophy, I’m level with him. Just as good as he is. Just as strong as he is.

“Bro, my girlfriend can throw better than you and she’s left handed.” — Referring to disc golf.

It’s always the little things that I enjoy about him being in the Navy. Even if it seems a little annoying, I enjoy it.

The 6 a.m “Where’s my belt?” and the “Shit, I need to shine my boots” on drill weekends. I always know where all his things are. I lint roll the back of his uniform. I make sure his peacoat gets hung up where our pets wont get hair on it. I make sure he takes his uniforms to the dry cleaner. I make sure he picks them up.

Older Military men always say that it’s a strong woman that makes a good soldier/sailor/marine/airman. That goes both ways, a good husband helps his military wife.