Why Crowdfunding for Mila Lila Cards.

We are big fans of Crowdfunding. It provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Spread the world
  • Receive feedback from people
  • Raise some money, to make a project complete
  • Distribute your product to people around the world
Crowd can give you Thumbs Up or Down on your project | Photo from Unsplash

Just to name a few. Therefore, as we are working on a quite extravagant product combining both offline and online products, we decided that this is a great path for us to show-off the product and reach out to people for feedback, opinions and validation of our idea.

The campaign is coming very soon, so we already have a campaign page in draft and a coming soon one published:


Working on a campaign and the product is an enchanting experience, but it’s all worthless, unless we can spread the word about our product.

Therefore, we’ve partnered with Thunderclap to give opportunity to people to Support Us via their social networks — facebook/twitter or tumblr. If you are willing to join, check it out here:

We’d be happy to add with our product some more play, joy, fun, family time and learning to children.

Thanks for your support!