Sell for 3 months ahead

Milan Vrekic
Apr 28, 2013 · 1 min read

When selling enterprise software, your solution needs to not only solve a problem, but still make sense after 3 months of “imaginary use”.

No one says “looks good for now! I am sure you will add rest of the features we need on time” no, they fast forward 3 months in their heads and make a decision.

This is why a lot of MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) fail. In a sense, they are not “true” MVP’s.

A “true” MVP has a limited set of features, but the features it has are thought trough and function well in a scope of a solution.

Here is an example: at TitanFile we have a files panel that lists all the files belonging to the associated user. It was rolled out without an in-panel search capability with a premise that “by the time users need it, we will have it”. Time went on and as we got more users, different things took priority. Needless to say, in-panel search was not there when users needed it.

Feature creep is real and hides behind every “wouldn’t it be cool if…” So if you want to build enterprise software, start by building less — but better.

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