So what’s up with Trump & Russia (and fake news)?

On December 1st, 2017, ABC appeared to drop what was groundbreaking news. Micheal Flynn had entered into a plea deal, and in that deal, he would testify that he was directed by President Trump to talk directly with the Russians while he was still a presidential candidate. The significance being that this would be clear cut collusion. President Trump had knowingly communicated and sought assistance from the Russian Government during his election for president. There would be nothing standing in the way against Flynn’s testimony except for the president’s own word(which isn’t exactly what one would call trustworthy). And with it we saw a 100 point drop in the NASDAQ Index in 30 minutes. This was shaping out to be the news of the decade with the possible implications that came with the news report. Yet 30 minutes after the news report. The markets began their slow climb back up to where they started at the beginning of the day. Or as Van Jones would claim, this was another story leading to a “Big nothing-burger”. At the end of the day, nothing had changed, yet that doesn’t take a away from the, while less signficant, news coverage regarding Flynn’s plea deal and what this implies int he long run.

The biggest news of the day is that Flynn did enter into a plea deal and that he admitted to openly lying to the FBI. Long story short, things aren’t looking too good for Flynn but the plea deal allows him a little bit more room to live. The plea deal also implies that there is something for the Mueller and the special council to gain out of this bargain. Yet again, originally it was reported that their gain would be the president, but today it seems like it’s going to be his son in law, Jared Kushner. This methodical attack by the special council seems reminiscent to the days when the FBI used to take down the mob. You eat your way to the top, slowly digesting your appetizer before you arrive at the main course. It’s going to be interesting to see how this ends up playing out, but I wouldn’t get my hopes to high for impeachment.

The true problem of the day is that this decidedly fake news only gives fuel to Trump. While news organizations have time after time rebuked his statements, it only takes one slip-up for the credibility of the media as a whole to be destroyed, especially when dealing with such a high profile story. I personally believe however that that the currency behavior of the economy, while the midterm election in 2018 seems to prove favorable to the democrats currently. America seems to be content with the status quo. People as a whole are better of then they were eight years ago, and the political circus doesn’t really mean much to Joe the plumber as long as he keeps his job. General discontent is shrinking instead of growing, college age liberals have been painted in a rough light that will be difficult to shed, and Trump, while not making America great, hasn’t been affective enough to make it terrible. His base has had it’s demands met. We simply have to see that the election of Trump wasn’t over policy, but over rhetoric. And for that reason, we could see a fundamental change in how our politicians represent us in a similar way to how we’ve witnessed the eroding of the media over the last decades.