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MileVerse in cooperation with KoreaPay Service Co., Launching Barcode Payment Service.

MileVerse is a mileage exchange/integration payment platform, that applies blockchain technology to build an integrated ecosystem, that benefits everyone, ranging from corporations and customers up to affiliated stores.

MileVerse has signed a strategically important contract with Korea Pays’ Service Co., Ltd. to integrate its bar code payment services for affiliated branches. The bar code payment system is already launched.

MileVerse has included nationwide brands including Ediya Coffee, Megabox, Goobne Chicken, and Sulbing. Also, in cooperation with Korea Pays’ Service, our team plans to expand the brand to an additional 20 within this year.

Thanks to the launch of bar code payment, brands operated by Korea Pays’ Service are also able to use this convenient feature that allows merchants to pay by the MVP points immediately by linking with the MileVerse barcode. The barcode payment service function will be available from 11 a.m. on November 30th.

This franchise bar code payment service is a newly provided service after the launch of the MileVerse App 2.0, and our customers now have a much wider choice of using points. In order to expand the linkage between Korea Pays’ Service and barcode payment service, we plan to further expand merchant payment services through partnerships with various VAN companies and enhance the comfortability of customers’ point usage.

About Korea Pays’ Service

Korea Pays’ Service Co., Ltd. has the largest mobile coupon market in Korea, including 240 brands and 150,000 brand stores, and also provides numerous offline uses through the barcode payment system.

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MileVerse is a mileage consolidation platform of tomorrow, that helps to integrate the accumulated points of the businesses and customers into a single token and opens up a totally new paradigm of mileage utilization for customers and businesses.

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