ASMC, Governance, and Gear

Official logo of ASMC (universal)

The Arkansas State Militia Corp (ASMC) is an anti-government militia from the state of Arkansas.

The group only operates in the state they have named themselves for, and have no intention to spread to other states.

This piece is a quick look at ASMC’s symbology, ideology, and operations.

ASMC banner with Arkansas flag superimposed over an American flag, from website material


Above, I included the circular ASMC universal logo (top). The image employs symbology and mottos that invoke their area of operations and stated ideology.

The ASMC universal logo includes the Arkansas flag superimposed over the silhouette of a M1 Garand and M16 laid across each other. It also bears the inscription “Regnat Populus”, the state motto of Arkansas that means “The people rule”. This phrase is on the state’s seal, but the prominence of the words on the ASMC logo is not simply to adapt the state motto but to reaffirm the militia’s commitment to anti-government ideology.

Above is a diagrammed Arkansas State Militia Corps insignia, the basis for insignias of each region’s respective battalion.

Each specific battalion has a varied insignia, though there is some shared symbology — primarily the circular shape, the olive and black color scheme, and the inclusion of an image in the center of the insignia.

The 1st Battalion’s insignia includes a shield over crossed swords instead of an AR flag over crossed rifles. The shield bears a Crusader cross, in no subtle reference to the 1st Bn calling themselves the “Iron Infidels”.

The olive of the 2nd Battalion insignia is turned so dark it is nearly impossible to see the outlines of the eagle in the center or the notice that the insignia corresponds to the 2nd Battalion. I assume that this is an image issue, but all ASMC materials display the insignia of the 2nd Bn in this color.

The 3rd Battalion, calling themselves “Dog Soldiers”, have the most unique ASMC insignia. Theirs includes two faces aligned beside each other and text over the entirety of the black ring circling the insignia. Stars separate the clauses in the outer ring. Battalion is misspelled “Batallion”.

No insignia is available for the 4th Battalion.

The 5th Battalion, encompasing the southeast of Arkansas, has the roman numeral “V” (5) as the central image. The circumscribed “V” is strangely reminescient of the sign for the protagonist in V for Vendetta, who sought to overthrow the fascist government of a dystopian future UK. The phrase imposed over the V, “Our Brothers’ Keepers” has its origin in the book of Genesis, in which a murderous Cain asks of God if he is his brother’s keeper. The word “keeper” then has often been interpreted to mean something like “protector” or “watcher”.

American soldier with an M1, Philippines 1945

The silhouette of both an M1 and an M16 appear on the universal logo and the state-wide insignia for the Arkansas State Militia Corps.

The M1 garand, carried by the US serviceman in this image, was a revolutionary gun when deployed with US troops in WWII. The M16, a later design, was at first notorious for its high level of jamming in Vietnam, but quickly became a known gold standard worldwide. It made waves for doing away with traditional wood by using plastic for the rifle instead.

The two guns are part of a military science tradition that led to and encouraged America’s rise as a global superpower. The inclusion of the weapons is a pledge of allegiance to an American patriotism, though the militia’s ideology doesn’t necessarily include love of the federal government.

On their site, ASMC also has a image of crossed M16s with the phrase “MOLON LABE”, a Greek phrase meaning “come and take it”. It’s origin is Spartan, though the English translation was used in the American Revolution at Fort Morris in Georgia and appeared on a flag at the Battle of Gonzales in the Texas Revolution in 1831.

It has found a renewed popularity among guns rights activists and American militia, especially as fears grew over confiscation of guns by the Feds. These fears existed primarily among some of the more paranoid elements of the American militant right.


The leader of ASMC, J. Flumm, is active on Facebook and the group’s website. A letter of his is featured on one of their sites, detailing his disdain for the government. He believes there is a quiet rage boiling hotter and hotter in the United States, a view that caused him to form the ASMC upon the ideology detailed below.

He runs the Facebook page for the group and reviewed it (above). His writing style is across all platforms of media for ASMC, so he likely operates most of it with a high level of involvement.

He does not sign off communications with a military title, and responds to most comments people offer his way.


The ASMC believes that a second American civil war is approaching in response to overreach from the federal government. They assume a relationship between high levels of demand on firearms in the past few years and the peoples’ interest in going to war to reform their government.

They believe that this civil war will come from widespread economic collapse that then leads to the establishment of martial law. They refute that all is well in America, stating that almost every economic measure points to a steady decline in the US economy (they don’t).

ASMC members therefore contend that an economic collapse has been happening for years, leading to the development of a “credit card economy”, upon which there is no sustainable future.

They believe that the US government has used “false flag” operations to silence the “truth movement”. They believe that making the first move to set off a civil war will vilify those aggressing elements, so ASMC has therefore agreed to employ peaceful restraint to wait for reform from the government first.

The group is fairly pro-Trump, despite their distaste for the federal government. This is likely because people view Trump as an outsider who will follow through on his promises to “drain the swamp” of DC. Although they support Trump, ASMC does not necessarily endorse the GOP. Their media pages include a number of memes about their disdain at the 2-party system. The cartoon attached here, featuring a GOP elephant and Democrat donkey controlled by the 1% to control the 99%, is a clear example of this mistrust.

Membership and Reach

Approximate division of territory by battalion for ASMC

The group has divided itself into five battalions that cover separate areas of Arkansas.

On Facebook, the group placed their address at 1776 Constitution Ave in Little Rock, AR. The address, of course, doesn’t exist, but the pin on the map puts the location across the street from the Little Rock City Hall, Pulaski County Election Commission, and Pulaski County Circuit Clerk.

Four militiamen practice grapples, May 2016

Training Exercises

The ASMC claims to offer training to survive in certain scenarios. This involves not only training exercises, but discussions about proper gear and first aid.

Militiamen take a break between exercises

ASMC also claims to provide education opportunities for those who want to learn more about the documents that rule the American polity, specifically the Constitution and the Federalist Papers that support it. They also mention specifically their mission to inform citizens about government overreach, which ASMC leadership deems to be near a breaking point.

Promotional image of training from ASMC

Compared to other militias I have researched, actual programming seems pretty light from the ASMC.

Promotional image of training from ASMC

Members and people who have attempted to join ASMC cite few training exercises and a lapse in communication from recruitment officers, though commanders have been vigilant in seeking out these threads and responding to waive this doubt.

That being said, the majority of militias of this type are light on programming, and this militia has a small but active online community that satisfies most folks looking to join a militia.

Group communication

The group’s primary form of public communication is Facebook, where many memes are shared and commented on.

One image posted on the ASMC page features Donald Trump’s head edited on the body of Negan, a character from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Negan brutally kills another character from the show with a baseball bat, a scene that is recreated in an image that shows the back of Hillary’s head as if she is Negan’s (Trump’s) target.

ASMC also has it’s own brand of sharable images, usually including a quote by a historical figure and an Arkansas State Militia Corp logo.

Above are three ASMC-branded memes that each feature a quote by a historical figure. The first contains a quote by the Revolutionary thinker Thomas Paine. The second, a quote about gun control from Hitler. The third, Lincoln’s affirmation of the Constitution. There are also images with quotes from Lenin, JFK, and Jackson. Most are about guns and governance. Some feature a heavily-armed operator like the first of this set.

Joining the militia

Joining ASMC doesn’t appear to be too hard, though locating the proper application form may be the biggest challenge. There exist 3 different application form webpages at the date of publication, but I assume the one on the ASMC’s updated site is the only one that fully works.

The person applying to join the militia must answer questions about their military experience and any skills they can bring to the militia. They are also asked if they have been convicted of a felony or have ever been part of an extremist organization.

Membership is not constrained to only white people or only men. Commanders have made statements on forums saying that they have members of non-white background, though I have yet been able to confirm this from any photos or video of the militia. There are also female supporters across ASMC’s web presence, though I also have not seen any female militia members in any images from trainings or meetings.

Images of different gear from ASMC materials

Gear and shop

Part of ASMC’s programming includes ensuring that members have the appropriate gear. There are several images strewn across the militia’s sites that show examples of gear included in bug-out bags, items for a weekend of training, or gear to be used if the use of force is deemed necessary. These photos are usually a kit laid out on a floor or a bed and are hard to get too much specific information from. Most are medical supplies and foodstuffs.

The militia also has a shop on one of their sites, where members can buy ASMC patches, t-shirts, and window decals.

Purchasers pay for militia gear using PayPal, and there are currently sizeable mark-downs for the holidays.

Protest response readiness

While ASMC breathes a collective sigh of a relief with Trump’s victory in the election and their perception that no riots deserving of response have yet started, a minor consensus among members and supporters appears to be continued readiness to respond to violence from the Left. This mostly comes in the form of memes like the one attached here, but also in comments on posts.

The likelihood for any real violence from ASMC remains pretty low, due to a spread out network, a lack of a firm organizational framework, and a low volume of preparedness training among individual members.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to MilitiaWatch!
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