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Adding Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to Webflow — Part 1

Google Tag Manager and Webflow
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Set up a Tag Manager Container

If you haven’t done this yet we’ll run you through this really quickly. (We’ll do a separate post on why you should be using Tag Manager and not just the vanilla Google Analytics installation by pasting in the GA UA tracking code on Webflow and a myriad of other Tag Manager benefits).

Step 1 — Create a Tag Manager Account

This bit is super easy. Sign up for Tag Manager and hit Create Account.

Tag Manager Create Account
Google Tag Manager account creation

Step 2 — Installing Tag Manager in Webflow

Google Tag Manager Install Snippet
Google Tag Manager Webflow Header Install
Google Tag Manager Webflow Embed Tag
Google Tag Manager Webflow Embed Code
Google Tag Manager embed symbol

Step 3 — Testing

Naturally you want to make sure Tag Manager is installed, so let’s test.

Google Tag Manager Webflow install test



Whether that’s a simple landing page, a custom built CMS or an e-commerce site, we’re here to help you along your journey. Check out our blog for Webflow and Analytics How-Tos.

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