A New Paradigm of Loyalty Programs Provided by MiL.k

  1. Just not interested.
  2. A bit interested but don’t really see its worth.
  1. ‘I Don’t know how much benefit the coupon or mileage point would offer, but I’m not willing to ask about it.’
  2. ‘The coupon or the point should be gathered over time to be used, but I’m not sure whether I would be able to do so.’
  3. ‘I’m not coming here often and not sure whether I would use it again.’
  4. ‘It doesn’t seem like a huge benefit after all.’
  5. ‘It seems like I need to remember/recognize my point status to benefit from it. But there are so many services and places with these things, and I’m confused.’
  • transferable to other service points,
  • transferable to cash,
  • purchasable if needed,
  • can be gathered with family and friends,
  • and presentable to each other as a gift?
  • It would be the one that provides each company its own brand token,
  • enables point integrations without needs for the settlements between companies,
  • provides data credibility,
  • enables companies to expand their partnerships domestically and globally,
  • and manages to do all these without additional burdens.
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A Blockchain-based Lifestyle Mileage Point Integration Platform

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