Again LoungeM Membership Unboxing

LoungeM Membership Unboxing2

Special benefits only for LoungeM members again!
If you miss it, you’ll regret it.
Apply for the LoungeM membership event now!

The Period for Membership Benefits

From September 16 to September 30, 2022 23:59:59 (KST)

How to Participate

  1. Click the ‘Receive benefits’ button on the membership information page.
  2. Connect ‘Interpark’,’Megabox’ and hold the LoungeM (LZM) tokens in LoungeM Wallet as you want by the snapshot time(23:59:59 (KST) on September 30).
  3. Keep connecting ‘Interpark’ and ‘Megabox’ until you get the benefits.

Membership Benefits

  1. Interpark I-Point(Up to 500,000p I-Point will be paid as benefits per account depending on the amount of LZM)
  2. Megabox Family package Coupon(All members of 50,000 LZM or more will receive 50,000 KRW worth of Megabox coupons.)

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