[ANN] Changed lock-up schedule of Milk Coin (MLK) for private investors

MiL.k, a platform for integrating reward points of various travel, leisure, and lifestyle services in Milk Coin (MLK) hereby announces the changed lock-up schedule for private investors.

The change has been decided to grow MiL.k ecosystem and increase the value of Milk Coin (MLK).

The detail is as follow:

Upbit announcement

In addition, the portions for the team and advisors will follow the same lock-up schedule (until the lock-up ends for private investors) excluding the MiL.k Pack rewards volume on MiL.k service app.

The change will be applied from Oct 23rd, 2020.

MiL.k team




A Blockchain-based Lifestyle Mileage Point Integration Platform

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A Blockchain-based Lifestyle Mileage Point Integration Platform http://milkalliance.io

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