[ANN] Connect airasia to MiL.k and get rewards!✈️

Users can integrate their airasia account to the MiL.k and check their point balance on it. Further, transferring Milk Coin (MLK) to airasia points with discount or transferring the points to Milk Coin is available, which means increased utility of the points for users.

💡Connect airasia to MiL.k and get rewards!
1️⃣ 1MLK paid within a day!
2️⃣ 125 airasia points to be paid within 3 business days after connecting completed.

🚨 Important
- MiL.k App v 2.2.0 is required.
- We recommend you to log in with airasia.com account because the server for SNS login with accounts like Facebook or Google is unstable.
- This event continues until January 15th.
- You can get the rewards only once when you connect at the first time.
- It can only be paid if the connection is maintained at the time of payment of rewards.
- For more information, check out the MiL.k app now.

[Download MiL.k]
👉Android: http://bit.ly/2sm74z6
👉iOS: https://apple.co/2taaYuX



A Blockchain-based Lifestyle Mileage Point Integration Platform

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