[ANN] Key Inside Co., Ltd. enters into an investment agreement with Ground X

A blockchain developer, Key Inside Co., Ltd., the parent company of MiL.k service-operating Milk Partners Co., Ltd. has received a strategic investment from Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of Korea’s largest mobile platform, Kakao.

Being as the first investment case in which Ground X invests in an external company, it means a tight collaboration between Key Inside and Ground X. Both parties will develop joint businesses, collaborate on technical development, and promote KakaoTalk-based blockchain services with each other.

More specifically, joint businesses on NFT and digital assets including rewards points will be actively developed. The two companies’ expertise in the blockchain industry in terms of business development, project operation, and cutting-edge technology will make concrete synergy so that new, valuable service will be offered to the users.

Key Inside and Ground X will make their best efforts to change daily lives with blockchain technology.

Xangle announcement: https://xangle.io/project/MLK/recent-disclosure/6080c63edf599c4b5c3f39c1



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