[ANN] KeyInside, strategic investment in NONUNI RAIDERS for NFT collaboration

KeyInside Co., Ltd., the blockchain developer of the MiL.k project has made a strategic investment in NONUNI RAIDERS, the specialized content firm for expanding businesses on the NFT and metaverse.

NONUNI RAIDERS is run by Korea’s representative music composer/producer Hyeongseok Kim and is incorporated to offer various IP-based services in music, art, fashion, etc. It recently showcased its cyber band on the metaverse as a start. More specifically, over 200 artists whose specialties range from fine art and digital art to media art and webtoon are to join the firm’s vision for creating new digital contents.

With the investment, KeyInside and NONUNI RAIDERS will collaborate on creating NFTs and metaverse contents and discuss possible synergy with the MiL.k service as well.

Xangle announcement: https://xangle.io/project/MLK/recent-disclosure/6080c63edf599c4b5c3f39c1




A Blockchain-based Lifestyle Mileage Point Integration Platform

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