[ANN] LoungeM (LZM) roadmap for 2023

In 2022, MiL.k team successfully completed the holder event for LoungeM (LZM) in June, September, and December, after which the team confirmed the effectiveness of the token for the service’s activity level.

Hence, MiL.k team plans to launch the official membership program centered with the token to provide more practical benefits that are from not only the platform but also its various service partners within the MiL.k alliance.

  • Communicate and finalize the LZM membership benefits with service partners
  • Prepare for the initiation: Member acquisition campaign
  • App enhancement for the membership program’s implementation
  • Announcement of the LZM membership program
  • Official launch of the membership program
  • Marketing campaign for the member acquisition
  • Expand the partnership for LZM membership program
  • Marketing promotion for the program’s activation
  • Expand the membership program’s benefits with MiL.k’s global partners
  • Co-marketing activities for the membership in the global market

Best regards,
MiL.k Team

📃See the Xangle announcement



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