[ANN] Megabox rewards point service is now available on MiL.k!

Milk Partners hereby announces that its movie theater service partner, Megabox’s rewards point service is now available on the MiL.k app.

Users can integrate their Megabox accounts to the MiL.k app and check their point balance on it. Further, buying more Megabox points with discount in Milk Coin (MLK) or transferring points to Milk Coin is available, which means increased utility of the points. Through the added feature, MiL.k users can now utilize the service for movie tickets and snacks in hundreds of theaters.

To celebrate the new feature with Megabox, following events are ongoing till Sep 30th.

- For users integrating with Megabox on the MiL.k app: 2 MLK + 1,000 Megabox points
- Newly registered users at Megabox: 2,000 Megabox points + Megabox discount coupon
- Additional 2,000 Megabox points upon purchasing and watching a movie
*More details are available on the MiL.k and Megabox apps.

Milk Partners will keep making its best effort to add new partners and features to its service, generating synergies between its partners and providing greater user benefits.

Xangle announcement: https://xangle.io/project/MLK/recent-disclosure/6141a761c0130cc55766525e



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