[ANN] MLK Daily Distribution from the Private Sales to be Decreased into Half

MiL.k, a platform for integrating rewards points of various services in travel, leisure, and lifestyle sectors hereby announces about the upcoming decrease of MLK distribution from the private sales as follows:

MLK daily distribution from the Private Sales (10% of the total supply) will be decreased into half from August 14th, 2020 (From 0.02857% to 0.014285%, of the total supply)

MLK daily distribution
- Feb. 20th, 2020: 0.5% of the total supply
- Feb. 21st, 2020 ~ Aug. 13th, 2020: 0.02857% of the total supply
- Aug. 14th, 2020 ~ Jun. 24th, 2021: 0.014285% of the total supply

MiL.k team will keep doing its best to grow the MiL.k ecosystem.



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