[ANN] New Partners: airasia

Hi, we are happy to introduce our new partner, airasia!

Milk Partners has signed a strategic partnership with airasia, the largest airline in Asia.

On September 19, the signing ceremony at the head quarter of airasia in Kuala Lumpur was attended by Jayden Jo, Chief Executive Officer of Milk Partners and Ong Wai Fong, Chief Loyalty Officer of airasia rewards under the airasia Super App.

Through this partnership, the two companies agreed to launch a new exchange service between airasia points which can be earned through purchasing various services at airasia Super App and Milk Coin within this year. With this collaboration, the point ecosystem of MiL.k will be expanded and MiL.k users’ benefits will be strengthened by various co-marketing activities.

Especially, the flow of airasia Super App’s over 51M users into the MiL.k app will bring MiL.k to the global services.

Both companies would like to collaborate as follows.

  1. Development of integrating member accounts and point system between MiL.k↔️airasia
  2. Securing global users through localized co-marketing activities in Southeast Asia
  3. Partnership expansion for the localization of MiL.k service

Starting with this partnership, MiL.k will accelerate its global expansion focused on Southeast Asia. Please stay tuned for our latest updates!

Thank you.
MiL.k Team

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