[ANN] New partnership: INTERPARK

On October 20, 2021, Milk Partners announced that it has made a strategic partnership contract with INTERPARK, the 1st generation e-commerce service with 30 million registered users.

Being as Korea’s representative online shopping platform, INTERPARK is providing various service categories like shopping, books, tickets for concert/gallery/exhibition, tour/flight reservations, etc.

Trough the partnership contract, INTERPARK’s I-point will be mutually exchanged with Milk Coin (MLK). Hence, MiL.k alliance’s rewards point ecosystem will be much broad as to incorporating an e-commerce service. Also, the synergy among MiL.k’s partner services like Yanolja, CU, Megabox, Shinsegae DF, and INTERPARK is expected to be much stronger in increasing the utility of each rewards point and doing co-promotions and events for the MiL.k users.

Milk Partners and INTERPARK will collaborate on the followings to contribute to the MiL.k platform.
① Integration of user accounts and rewards point systems
② Rewards point-based co-promotions to provide user benefits

Milk Partners will keep making its best effort to add new partners and provide bigger benefits.



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