[ANN] New service feature: MiL.k opens JIN AIR’s JINI COUPONS market on its app

Milk Partners hereby announces that JINI COUPONS, the discount coupon for JIN AIR flights is available on the MiL.k app.

1) JINI COUPONS market on the MiL.k app is officially open
2) JIN AIR members can get the coupon worth of 5,000 KRW with 40% discount in Milk Coin (MLK)
3) JINI COUPONS can be used for both international and domestic JIN AIR flights
4) The coupons can be used on JIN AIR’s APP and PC/Mobile web

To celebrate the opening, the first 50,000 users that integrate their accounts between MiL.k and JIN AIR will get 1 MLK in July.

MiL.k team will keep making its best effort to provide better service features to its users.



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