[EVENT] CU Again, MiL.k !

CU Again, MiL.k ! Get Big Presents!
1️⃣Connect2️⃣Exchange3️⃣Use Points!

📅Event Period
November 7th to November 30th, 2022

💡How to participate
Event 1. Connect MiL.k to CU for the first time.
Event 2. Exchange Milk Coin to more than 1,000 CU Points.
Event 3. Use the exchanged CU points.

Event 1. You can get 2MLK
Event 2. You will get a 1,000KRW CU Coupon
Event 3. IPad Fullset (3 people by lottery), 30,000KRW CU Coupon ( Top 200 Users)

※ Before participating, please read the details on the event page and notice!Download MiL.k

👉Android: http://bit.ly/2sm74z6
👉iOS: https://apple.co/2taaYuX



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