[EVENT] Get double benefit with Jini Coupon! ✈️

Don’t miss the double benefit chance to get discounts on tickets and get up to 5MLK with Jini Coupons purchased from MiL.k!

If you buy a “Jini Coupon” from MiL.k, apply for the event, and complete your flight boarding within the event period, you can get 3MLK!

If you’ve already connected MiL.k X Jin Air, you can get a total of 3MLK.
If you connect for the first time during the event, you can get a total of 5MLK!

Join the event!

  1. Event period: 14 Mar 22 ~ 13 Apr
  2. How to participate in the event.
  • Buy Jini Coupon during the event period on the MiL.k App.
  • On Jin Air’s event page, click “Apply for the event”.
  • Complete booking/boarding flights within the event period with the purchased Jini Coupon.

[Download MiL.k]
👉Android: http://bit.ly/2sm74z6
👉iOS: https://apple.co/2taaYuX



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