How does the value of MLK grow?(1/2)

“Is it worth investing in utility tokens?”

Utility tokens are normally used for payment or as a method of exchange, so utility is the key function as it is named. In real economy, ‘currency’ would do the same functions. On the other hand, dividend tokens are like ‘stocks’ in real economy since it spreads out its earnings like transaction fees to token holders as dividends.

Generally speaking, it can seem harder to understand how the value of a certain currency goes up than to understand how the stock value does where you have relatively clear measurements such as the company’s growth in sales.

Of course, the value of a certain currency depends on such measurements like the size of its belonging economy and the demands for it, and likewise, there are such signs for utility tokens concerning its growth in value. Then what can investors expect about MLK and its gradual growth in value?

1. Crypto exchange and MiL.k platform

Most MLKs being circulated are existing in 2 major platforms.

First platform is crypto exchange.

Crypto exchange is where MLK price gets set, and the total MLK volume within the exchange can be interpreted as the total amount to be potentially sold. MLK price depends on the transactions of it on the exchange, and reward point transactions on MiL.k platform doesn’t have any effect on MLK price.

Before the actual service launch of MiL.k, which is planned to be on this April, most MLKs being circulated would be on crypto exchanges. However, after the launch, somewhat amounts on the exchange can go back to MiL.k platform for further reward points transactions there.

Second platform is this MiL.k platform.

On MiL.k platform, MLK will be used as the only method for reward point transactions, so it functions as a currency of MLK economy. Considering the above measurements for the value of a currency, you can say that the amount of MLK being used or existing on MiL.k platform will increase as the platform gets bigger with increased popularity.

On MiL.k platform, the range of discount rates for a reward point transaction is 5%-40%, which means there are always at least 5% discount guaranteed for users. And with the probability of the rate going up as high as 40%, MLK will provide clear reason for users to buy and hold it.

MiL.k team is doing its best to get MiL.k platform bigger and bigger by getting more users into the platform.

2. Possession of MLK and the benefits for using MiL.k platform.

“But if MLK solely functions as the method of transaction, wouldn’t the amount of it existing on the platform stay the same no matter how big the platform expands?”, some might ask. This might be right if the size of the platform, which is the market for reward points stays the same without its products increasing.

However, MiL.k team has been very actively working on expanding its partnerships. So far, only a few partners such as Yanolja, Delivery Car, and Seoul Airport Bus have been open to public (These 3 would make huge customer pool of course), but more partners in airline, duty-free, e-commerce, and many other sectors have joined Milk Alliance, and this means there will be more and more stores and products on the market, MiL.k platform.

When MiL.k platform grows with more partners and their reward points being added to it, the amount of MLK existing on the platform will naturally increase since it is the only counterparty for the increasing products on the market as a currency. Considering the limit on the total amount of MLK circulation and its gradual release according to its lock-up plan, MLKs existing on MiL.k platform are projected to increase as the amount on the crypto exchanges decrease.

In addition to this effect coming from increasing partnerships, further policies to get MLK staying on MiL.k platform such as benefits from joining MiL.k memberships or staking MLK on the platform are put into consideration within the team.

(to be continued)

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