How will users utilize Milk Coin (MLK) and reward points?

The idea of MiL.k is not difficult, and there are a few cases of the idea in our everyday lives.

  • Trading restaurant coupons on the internet with discounted price can be one example. With the trade, a seller can get cash with the coupon he/she doesn’t want to use, and a buyer can go eat at the restaurant with discount.
  • The idea itself is good, but there have been some issues such as inconvenience, lack of interpersonal trust, and physical distance between the peers.
  • MiL.k has developed the idea to be convenient and safe using blockchain technology.

How will users utilize MiL.k then?

1) Users with reward points but with no plan to use them soon can sell the points.

By selling the points (and get MLK from it), users can buy another point for instant usage or cash them at crypto exchanges

2) Users with a plan to use a certain service but with less reward points for it can buy more points

  • On MiL.k platform, users can buy reward points with discount, and the purchased points can be used with cash value on its service.
  • The discount is possible because the point-selling users above are willing to offer the discount in exchange for getting cash with it (characteristics of after-market purchase).
  • MLK is necessary for point purchase, and it can be bought at crypto exchanges.

With this usage mechanism, the more service partners with their own reward points joining the alliance, the more options there will be for users on the platform, and thereby MiL.k platform will grow!

On the next posting, I will explain about how service partners will get benefits by joining the alliance.

MiL.k team.



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