MiL.k Monthly Report — August & September. 2020

We would like to present our Monthly Activity Report of August & September 2020. Previous activity report can be found here.


1. Milk Coin(MLK) listing on KuCoin: Milk Coin(MLK) was listed on KuCoin, a global exchange on 6 August, 2020. Trading on USDT and BTC markets is available.

2. Meet our new mobile coupon shop!: 2:00PM Tuesday 11 August 2020, you could ‘FIND NEW’ item at our new mobile coupon shop. The first new item was Jin Air’s <Jini Coupon>!

3. MLK Daily Distribution from the Private Sales to be Decreased into Half

4. Milk Coin(MLK) listing at Bithumb: Bithumb added Milk Coin(MLK) on KRW market, 27 August 2020. With this listing, the three companies, MiL.k x Bithumb x Yanolja signed a strategic marketing alliance.

5. MiL.k has made a strategic business partnership with Paycoin: MiL.k has made a strategic business partnership with Paycoin, the representing blockchain-based payment platform, to collaborate on business development and marketing promotions.

6. 65% discount on Jini coupons for Chuseok!: We sold Jin Air’s Jini Coupons with 65% discount through Milk mobile coupon shop!

7. Now use Yanolja with Milk Coin!: You can now convert Yanolja Coins into Yanolja Points when booking and paying for all services at Yanolja! Buy Yanolja Coins up to 40% cheaper with Milk Coins at MiL.k Wallet.

8. MiL.k has made a strategic business partnership with MiL.k has made a strategic business partnership with, the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking platform. With the partnership, users will be able to use Milk Coin (MLK) as a payment option to book over 2,200,000 hotels and accommodations worldwide on



1. MiL.k Pack Overview: MiL.k Pack Season 1, which was started on July 9th by MiL.k team with an intention to provide a new, hybrid staking service has been successfully completed on 5 August after 4 weekly rounds.



1. [AMA] MiL.k is having an AMA on KuCoin Russian Community

2. [AMA] MiL.k is having an AMA on KuCoin Turkish Community

3. [AMA] MiL.k x KuCoin English Group

4. [AMA] MiL.k is having an AMA on VBC


1. FintechTimes Milk Partners, Opens Season 2 of ‘Milk Pack’ with enhanced rewards and benefits

2. FNnews Buy Jin Air ticket at half price with Milk Coin

3. PaxnetNews MiL.k is growing through ‘joint marketing’ with partners

4. PaxnetNews Milk Partners, DID business alliance with Lambda 256

5. ChosunBiz Yanolja, Cooperation with Bithumb & Milk Partners… “Use of blockchain technology”

6. Blockmedia Milk Partners signed a business alliance with Danal Fintech Paycoin

7. Coindesk Korea Yanolja “Blockchain is a tool for customer benefit”

8. Todaykorea Milk Partners and Yanolja jointly participate in Digital Asset Expo (DAXPO)

9. Joongang Yanolja to enhance customer benefits by converting ‘Yanolja Coin’ points

10. ZDNet MiL.k, marketing cooperation with travel platform

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