MiL.k Monthly Report — Feb. 2020

We would like to present our Monthly Activity Report of February 2020. Previous activity report can be found here.


Milk Coin(MLK) listing at Upbit: Feb. 20th 2020, Milk Coin(MLK) was listed on Upbit IDR and BTC markets and listed on KRW market on Feb. 21st. You can trade MLK at Upbit exchanges now.



1. Milk Coin(MLK) 6 Month Distribution Schedule: We explained the distribution schedule of Milk Coins for the following 6 months after our first listing.

2. Ask MiL.k Team: Our answers to the most frequently asked questions from the community after the first listing.

3. How does the value of MLK grow?(1/2): Milk Team’s honest thoughts on Milk Coin’s present and future value.

4. How does the value of MLK grow?(2/2)

Cobak Forum (Korean only)

1. [MiL.k Column] Smart management way to use your points!

2. [MiL.k Column] MiL.k as a Service?_For businesses

3. [MiL.k FAQ] About Milk Coin (MLK)

4. [MiL.k Column] Why MiL.k chose blockchain?

Media (Korean only)

1. FN News Point integration service ‘MiL.k’ sold out within a second at dutch auction… listing on Upbit right away.

2. Coindesk Korea MiL.k service to be launched in April… customer points of involved businesses can be exchanged and ‘cashed out’

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