MiL.k Monthly Report — January & February. 2022

We would like to present our Monthly Activity Report of January & February 2022. Previous activity report can be found here.


12 January 2022. Hello 2022! Hello MiL.k Pack!: We have opened MiL.k Pack Season 10 on 13th January 2022.

24 January 2022. Milk Coin roadmap for 2022: More partners will be added to the MiL.k alliance in 2022, and MiL.k platform will work as a complex marketing channel for the partner services to increase user benefits by doing various co-marketing activities.

24 January 2022. LoungeM roadmap for 2022: LoungeM token is to be granted to MiL.k users upon their user activities on the app. MiL.k membership program with LoungeM token. The membership program is planned to be launched within 2022.


15 February 2022. Financial News CU gives Milk Coin to customers who purchase lunch boxes.


07 February ~ 14 February 2022 MiL.k Valentine Big Sale with CU🍫

15 February ~ 28 February 2022 Scratch the CU lunch box and get Milk Coins 🍱



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