MiL.k Monthly Report — June. 2020

We would like to present our Monthly Activity Report of June 2020. Previous activity report can be found here.



1. MiL.k Mobile Coupon Shop User Guide


1. Sports Seoul [Interview] MiL.k Partners CEO, “We aim to build a system where the companies and customers can both win through MiL.k Alliance.”

2. IT Chosun Manage your points with a blockchain app”

3. MK “Battle for digital asset wallets”… is blockchain on the brink of mass adoption?

4. Blockchain Valley One Pass service app now comes to O2O.

5. Yahoo Finance Blockchain Rewards Platform MiL.k Launches Coupon Payment Feature

6. U Today Blockchain Reward Platform Mil.k Launches Coupon Payment Feature: Details

7. CryptoDaily Crypto Gets Coupons as Rewards Platform MiL.k Unveils Practical New Product

8. Crypto News Flash What you can buy with crypto in 2020?

9. Tuoluocaijing(CN) 区块链积分奖励平台MiL.k正式与新世界免税店等合作伙伴开展积分联动_区块新视野 — 陀螺财经

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