MiL.k Monthly Report — March. 2021

We would like to present our Monthly Activity Report of March 2021. Previous activity report can be found here.


1. Milk Coin (MLK) KRW Market Listing

2. LoungeM (LZM) Coinone KRW Market Listing

3. Completed burning — Milk Coin (MLK): Being as the second official burning, 100,000,000 MLK owned by the foundation have been burned.

4. EVENT! Music Festival with MiL.k and Somesing

5. MiL.k and Yanolja, opening the ‘simple’ integration 2.0 (update): Global leisure platform Yanolja has opened its latest integration feature with MiL.k, the ‘simple’ integration 2.0.


1. Dstreet Coinone Listed on LZM and MLK KRW Market Today

2. Dstreet Completed the second official burning of 100 million MLK

3. ETnews Event with MiL.k & Somesing — Total prizes worth 10 million won

4. BlockchainToday MiL.k “Connected at once without app download”… Feature update

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