MiL.k Monthly Report — May. 2020

We would like to present our Monthly Activity Report of May 2020. Previous activity report can be found here.


1. Shinsegae dutyfree users can connect ‘MiL.k’ now!: Now you can exchange from GOD Point to Milk Coin, and from Milk Coin to GOD Point! Connect Shinsegae dutyfree now and get 5 MLK that you can exchange to GOD Point!

2. MiL.k will participate in Consensus 2020: MiL.k participated in ‘Consensus: Distributed’ hosted by CoinDesk to discuss ‘Mass Adoption Asia Edition — Loyalty programs’.

3. The new plan for Milk Coin distribution (Team volume): To ensure our long-term vision for the project, MiL.k team shared about the new plan for Milk Coin distribution: 1) plan for distributing the Team volume and 2) Prediction of Milk Coin volume for Service Partners and Users.

4. Yanolja Coin, now can be exchanged into Milk Coin on MiL.k App!: In last April, the reward point connection between Yanolja and MiL.k was launched. And the app functions have been upgraded to facilitate the exchange of two assets.

5. MiL.k mobile coupon shop open!: A mobile coupon shop has opened in MiL.k app! Now the users can purchase coupons using Milk coin!


1. [Video Clip] Consensus 2020 — Mass Adoption:Asia Edition Part 3

2. [Facebook Event] MiL.k kit for staycation challenge ~Iceland~


1. Coindesk Korea Now the users can convert Milk Coins to Shinsegae dutyfree points

2. Paxnetnews Yanolja launches ‘Yanolja Coin’

3. Blockinpress “Milk Coin for a cup of Starbucks?”… MiL.k App launches a mobile coupon shop

4. Sports Seoul Milk Partners joins ‘Consensus 2020’, the world biggest blockchain conference…Accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain

5. Yahoo Finance Blockchain rewards platform MiL.k integrates with leading retail outlet Shinsegae Duty Free

6. Bitcoinist 5 Unmissable Highlights From Consensus: Distributed 2020

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