[MiL.k Pedia] #3. Join LoungeM Membership : Exchange your points and earn LZM 💰

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3 min readMar 12, 2024


LoungeM(LZM) provides special experiences and rewards for users of the MiL.k. Meet the membership condition and earn LoungeM Daily bonus and M Bonus.

❓ What is LoungeM?

LoungeM is a premium membership token of MiL.k. By exchanging points in the MiL.k platform and holding a certain amount of coins, users can earn LoungeM as a reward and receive differentiated benefits depending on their LoungeM membership level.

❓What are the conditions and benefits of LoungeM membership?

LoungeM membership conditions and benefits are shown below.

‘Exchange points’ here refers to 1) exchanging partner’s points for Milk Coin and 2) exchanging Milk Coin for partner’s points in the MiL.k. The direction of point exchange may change depending on the operation of the service, but currently both directions apply. The partners’ points which can be exchanged in MiL.k are OK Cashbag, Yanolja, L.point, Megabox, Interpark, CU, Shinsegae Duty Free, Daily Hotel, airasia and GetPlus Indonesia. Users can exchange points and get extra LoungeM for using familiar services in their daily life.

Also, LoungeM Membership-only events, Members Only, are organized periodically to provide rich benefits to LoungeM membership members. Apply for LoungeM Membership and receive daily benefits based on membership level, as well as event benefits. Don’t miss out.

Since the launch of LoungeM membership, We have been offering special benefits through Members Only events.

❓ How can I trade LoungeM outside of the MiL.k app?

LoungeM is currently available for trading on Coinone, Poloniex, and LBank. If you hold LoungeM on an external cryptocurrency exchange, you can transfer it to your LoungeM wallet in the MiL.k app.

Events and membership benefits for users of the MiL.k ecosystem will continue in 2024. So please stay tuned!

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