MiL.k’s business paper V.1.0

Hi, this is MiL.k Team

We are appreciating your great interest in MiL.k project.

MiL.k recently marked the first sign of commercialization by completing the development of a linkage system with Yanolja. Our vision is to continuously grow the MiL.k platform by entries of more new partners and customer attraction.

We also have our own various plans on the specific business vision and the meaning of Milk Coin in the market as a utility token. And we are trying to share those things externally.

As part of that effort, we would like to share the MiL.k’s vision from a business perspective through “Business Paper”.

Main contents of the Business paper

1. The expanded strategic vision of the MiL.k platform

2. Correlation between platform activation and coin value

3. Various factors for value increase

You can read the business paper on our website linked below.
Go to website



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