Milk Coin(MLK) Token Distribution Schedule

Hello, this is MiL.k team.

Following the Milk Coin Token Metrics, we would like to inform you about the Milk Coin Token Distribution schedule.

MLK Token Distribution Schedule

MiL.k team would like to disclose the project operation process and token circulation as transparent as possible to the community members and the details are as follows.

1. Partner Allocation (Around 37%)

1) Joining the MiL.k alliance, MLK is distributed to partner companies in two ways.

A. MiL.k alliance participation rewards are linearly distributed to partner companies for 3 years. (Partner Allocation was allocated for minimum of 20 partner companies and the MLK allocation amount will be determined by the revenue, number of users, and depending on the time frame of joining alliance.)

B. As an ecosystem stimulation rewards, partner companies are entitled to 5~10 years of long term MLK distribution based on the points and Milk Coin trading volume.

(Note) It starts to be distributed after launching the service so it is designed not to be distributed at once.

2) 10.8% of the total supply is allocated for the development team, distributed linearly for 5 years from 3 months after the initial exchange listing.

2. Liquidity Supply (Around 28%)

The liquidity pool serves as the core feature of the MiL.k platform in seamless exchange company points and Milk Coin. The liquidity pool will not be sold to any external exchanges.

3. User Distribution (Around 11%)

This allocation is for rewarding users in activity contributions such as syncing partner company points and exchanging points. It is distributed for various activities in MiL.k services and will be distributed gradually for a minimum of 2 years.

4. Long-Term Operation (Around 14%)

This allocation amount will be used for the growth and advancement of MiL.k services. It is locked-up for 2 years since the initial exchange listing and will only be spent for growth and advancement of MiL.k services even after the 2 years lock-up period.

5. Initial Construction(Sales supply) (10%)

This minimal funds for development and operation service, initial operational marketing, legal and accounting advisory.

Private Sale (Total 130,000,000 MLK)
1 Round: 1 MLK = USD 0.0833, Total 30,000,000 MLK
2 Round: 1 MLK = USD 0.1038, Total 50,000,000 MLK
3 Round: 1 MLK = USD 0.1250, Total 50,000,000 MLK

A. Only 5% of pre-sales (0.5% of total supply) will be distributed when listed on exchange.

B. For the next 25 weeks, 2% of pre-sales will be distributed every week and distributed on daily basis (about 0.28%).

C. (Changed)By 22 October 2020, 1% of pre-sales will be unlocked every week and distributed on daily basis (about 0.14%). From 23 October 2020, the volume of private invesstors will be distributed as shown in the table below.

In addition, the partions for the team and advisors will follow the same lock-up schedule (untl the lock-up ends for private investors) excluding the MiL.k Pack rewards volume on MiL.k sevice app.

Circulation of Milk Coins will be most affected by the user activation in the MiL.k ecosystem. It is increased gradually through the real use-case of MiL.k platform such as partner companies and user participation.

In short, except for the pre-sales amount, the actual distribution of MiL.k may vary depending on the number of MiL.k platform users, the number of partner services in participation, timing of the operation.



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