[ANN] Change of the MAP airdrop schedule

Hi, this is MiL.k team.

The MAP airdrop, which has been announced to take place today is to be rescheduled now for the presence of another token whose ticker is also MAP.

We have considered the issue carefully and decided to rename MAP to prevent investor confusion in the long run. The possibility of our users experiencing financial loss has been put into consideration.

We will announce the new name and its airdrop schedule soon. It would be truly appreciated if you could understand the decision.

Thank you for your support for MiL.k, and we will keep making the best effort to give you great news.

MiL.k team.

Previous Announcement (2 Feb 2020)

Hi, this is MiL.k Team.

We inform you of the MAP airdrop schedule according to the MLK snapshot that took place on 28 December 2020.

[MLK Snapshot Time]
28 December 2020, 17:00 (KST)

[MAP Airdrop Schedule]
The afternoon of 4 February 2021 (KST)

Airdrop will only be paid to members who had MLK on MiL.k App or MLK-listed exchanges (Upbit, Bithumb, and Kucoin) at the time of the snapshot, MAP transfer function on the MiL.k App will be activated after the Airdrop.

* Please check the exchanges’ announcements as the MAP deposit/withdrawal support policy and payment date for each exchange may vary.

Thank you for waiting for a long time.
MiL.k team will keep making its best effort to extend the MiL.k platform.

MiL.k Team



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