Quick idea sharing before the new partner announcement

What we call ‘Travel’ is a ‘process of multiple consumptions’. That is why Milk Alliance has been initiated and developed.

[Synergy between multiple services within the alliance]

Let’s say you just booked a hotel room in Hawaii. What would be the next step for you? You would search for services like flight ticket, rental car, nice restaurants, and maybe a day tour at a pineapple farm.

It means all those services are inter-related within the ‘process’ of your travel, and that is why MiL.k’s service partners are expecting to make synergies within the alliance. And it is certainly the reason why MiL.k team has been prioritizing partnership.

[User benefits within the alliance]

Now, let’s say you got back from the Hawaii travel, for which you spent lots of money and time. You would have gotten many different reward points from those services, but they wouldn’t be combinable or exchangeable. For this reason and for the fact that you don’t know when to go on a travel again, you wouldn’t consider those points as valuable asset.

However, as for the service companies on the process of your travel, this means their reward program, which is their marketing cost have become close to sunken cost! MiL.k is to solve this problem enabling both combining and trading many different reward points.

In other words, if those services were on Milk Alliance, you would be able to combine those points and maybe use it to buy another reward point.

[The main tasks of MiL.k team]

To enable our service partners to make synergies and share each other’s customers on MiL.k platform (cross-offering and new customer acquisition), and to thereby provide clear benefits to our customers are the main tasks we will do.

We will keep adding new service partners in travel/leisure/and lifestyle sectors and provide our customers more and more benefits.

On the next posting, I will explain in detail about the mechanism of point trading on MiL.k platform and how it generates discount effect for users.

Please look forward to the forthcoming MiL.k service launch!

Thank you for your support,

MiL.k team.



A Blockchain-based Lifestyle Mileage Point Integration Platform

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