Billionaire Encourages Young People to Pursue Their Unemployable Passions

NEW YORK, NY — Taking time away from pursuing his passion of buying Monets, area man and local billionaire David Beckett told reporters Monday that young people should do whatever they can to follow their unemployable passions.

“I honestly don’t get why young people aren’t following their passions,” said Mr. Beckett, confused as to why children aren’t starting their own philanthropies or heli-skiing. “I carve out time every morning to pursue my passion of flying my private jet. If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Mr. Beckett’s success trace back to his childhood passion of making money, which ultimately allowed him to pursue passions that billions of people are unable to parlay into employment, like yachting or writing poetry.

“If your passion is becoming a blacksmith, you should pursue it with all your heart,” said David, adding how he took action to purchase a yacht the moment he realized his passion was sailing. “Life is short, and working two minimum wage jobs to support your entire family shouldn’t be a reason to not follow your passion of performing Shakespeare in the Park.”

At press time, David said that he’s starting a new philanthropy solely dedicated to employing people whose passions are in the arts.

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