New opportunities for planning permission on smaller sites

If you read the national press, the repeated message is that central Government’s agenda is for the delivery of lots more houses. However experience on a case by case basis, particularly if you are a small landowner, may not have felt like this at all. Planning permissions for housing seem to have been easier for 500 houses than for five. However, there have been two significant, policy changes that help promote planning on smaller sites.

Firstly, this summer the Government released its updated National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Importantly this states that “In rural areas, planning policies and decisions should be responsive to local circumstances and support housing developments that reflect local needs.” and that “at least 10%” of their housing requirement needs to be on sites of not more than 1 hectare.

Secondly, in October 2015, the Government passed the Right to Build Act; the aim of which is to give a big boost to the Self and Custom Building sector and recognising the need to diversify the current housing supply, which has been monopolised by a few big house-building firms who have no interest to supply the total housing numbers the Government is looking for.

The Act invites prospective Self/ Custom builders to register their ‘demand’ with their Local Authority on a ‘register’. The Local Authority (LA) then has three years to meet ‘demand’ on their ‘register’ by delivering permissions for serviced plots with planning. The first three year demand delivery date is set for October 2019, and it looks likely that there are many LAs who will not meet their obligations.

Given the combined effect of these two pieces of planning law, it may well be a good time to review opportunities on your land.

SF planning and Custom Build specialist LIVEDIN Custom Build are working together to provide free appraisals for landowners to identify opportunity. If there does seem to be good opportunity then we can offer a range of packages to help you gain planning permission, and then to sell your land direct to self-builders as ready-to-build plots with infrastructure.

If you would like a free appraisal then please fill out the online form HERE

About SF Planning and LIVEDIN

SF Planning is an independent Town Planning Consultancy based in Gloucestershire. SF Planning has extensive knowledge of planning legislation and policy. With their tenacity for detail and research, they will always strive to achieve planning permission. The company has had considerable experience of gaining permissions for self-builders either through one-off bespoke homes for existing land-owners or more recently, using the above legislation to secure planning permission specifically for custom build housing on difficult sites.

One such example can be found at Shutonger in Gloucestershire. The planning permission is groundbreaking for the council involved — it is the first scheme submitted and approved on the basis of the legal duty placed on all local planning authorities to meet the need for self-build homes set out on its Self-Build Register. This was despite conflict with the adopted Development Plan as it relates to housing in general.

LIVEDIN facilitates a complete development solution for landowners: feasibility, design, planning, project management, and marketing, enabling landowners to become their own developer.

Our approach, with high design values, sets us apart from developers, as well as adding value to the project and improving planning approval chances.

For landowners who are dissatisfied with their current options of how to develop their land, we offer a new type of development model. It allows the landowner to get planning, put in services and infrastructure, and then sell parcels of their land direct to homeowners. This means the house-building developers are cut out of the process, enabling the landowner to maximise land value, while at the same time increasing quality and controlling risk.