Just a Simple Shed

An agricultural shed, somewhere in The Cotswolds.

The symbiosis of function and beauty allow agricultural sheds the accolade of being nearly perfect buildings. They balance purpose with their landscape’s vernacular: a break in the fall of the land, housing tools and equipment which exist to preserve and maintain the very location in which they sit.

Newly built or crumbling some can seamlessly blend into their setting, others enhance their surroundings, acting as a signpost to the rock which lies beneath the surface they occupy or the timber which stands nearby.

Usually single story and with one single purpose: storage, they are uncomplicated and focus primarily on function. Yet the material palette of large, locally quarried stone, native timber, slate roofs, terracotta tiles and even aluminium combined with large openings or slit windows mean they aesthetically complement their surroundings too.

Ultimately, it’s the ease with which they are both visually and practically so wonderfully simple that makes them so close to being the perfect building.