Celebrate the leap, not the fall

Stop glorifying failure.

Being an investor and happy startup denizen, I find myself grating whenever I hear people celebrate failure. There’s a cult of failure going around and it needs to stop. You failed. You may have lost your family and friends’ hard earned cash. You better feel like shit.

STOP celebrating failure. Please.

Instead, Celebrate trying. Celebrate learning.

What did you learn? How can you take a step forward to succeeding? How are you going to earn another dollar for your startup…from a customer or an investor? These are the questions you need to ask yourself whenever you’ve made an error. How do you turn this -1 into a +2. That’s how you build a company. That’s how you build a high flying startup. Don’t stop. Don’t fail. Keep pushing, learning, and start succeeding. Try something else. Succeed again.

I love people who try, who leap, and who learn. I hate losers. I hate failure.

Are you a loser or are you learning to win?

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