Four ‘small’ B!G habits for maximum productivity at work

Want to be more productive?

  1. Minimize meetings

Think carefully before you call the next meeting. If you must have it, draft an agenda and keep your time in check. Start on time so you can end of time. If the VVVIPs don’t show up after 10 minutes, reschedule it.

Or just cancel it.

2. Emails

Set aside time to reply emails — only reply to emails and do nothing else. Everyone knows this but no one is doing anything. Emails are not urgent. If someone has an urgent need, you will get a phone call (or Whatsapp).

3. Games

Yes. PLAY. Set aside time to play games in the morning with your team members before the work starts. It can be any short games that help stimulate the brain, and foster bonding.

4. Breaks

Nothing is so urgent that you have to skip meals. Get out of the office, take a walk and eat proper meals (no take-outs!). It is tiring to be sitting around all day and staring at the screen. Take short 10–15 minutes coffee break when the going gets tough. It helps tremendously.