Where did we get the idea that we should only talk about chiropractic?

I saw a promotional email today in which the writer was extolling the virtues of their product/event/organization by saying it was “the ONLY place where ALL we talk about is CHIROPRACTIC.”

This “chirocentric badge of honor” attitude confused me for years. If I’m honest, it still confuses me now.

Right now, we still only are understood and utilized by a small segment of the population, right? We need to enroll more people and thought leaders into understanding and hopefully embracing chiropractic, right?

Then how does only talking about chiropractic in the most limited ways and only with other chiropractors serve the profession and serve the millions of people that we would love to help?

I don’t think this is easy. But I do think we need to asking questions — and asking them from real curiosity — not bombastic superiority.

I have so many questions!

  1. How do we determine what is “chiropractic”/chiropractic enough?
  • What make something chiropractic and worth learning and discussing?
  • What makes something not chiropractic and not worth learning and discussing?
  • Who gets to decide what is acceptable and then vote everything “not chiropractic enough” off the island of “chiropractic principles?”
  • What about someone like Bruce Lipton — is he not chiropractic enough? He is talking about the building blocks of matter and how they apply to the chiropractic philosophy and how we scientifically explain what we do. He is not a chiropractor — but he knows and advocates for chiropractic. Does he make the cut?
  • What about someone who does a technique that does not fall within the “traditional scope” of chiropractic and is perceived by some to be outside our established definition of subluxation. Is Donny Epstein okay? What about BGI? What about Kairos Training Culture? Sport Performance chiropractic? Where do we draw the line? Should a line be drawn? Who should draw it? Individuals? Political organizations?

2. How do we learn and collaborate with other minds, ideas and industries if we ONLY do chiropractic?

  • Are we the only people who think vitalistically? Who focus on salutogenesis? Do we own those constructs? Or are we subluxation only? Then who gets to define subluxation for the profession?
  • What about people who think like us in science, new physics, communication, research, application of all the above to today’s world?
  • What if they love chiropractic — are they okay then?
  • What if they don’t know a lot about chiropractic but we are bringing them in to discuss and see if there is opportunity to build a collaboration?

3. What about communications skills and business skills — what makes them “chiropractic” or “not chiropractic?”

  • Pretty much every organization or event will dip into these elements because they are critical to success. But they are not subluxation. These elements are not “chiropractic.”
  • What about personal development, mindset, and all the many ways we “become” better people and therefore better chiropractors? Is that only okay if it is taught by a chiropractor?

To be clear, I appreciate organizations and events which are focused on chiropractic elements. I appreciate the people who run these organizations. I’m glad we have a variety of options in the Chiroverse — and I’m glad these options are part of the mix. I accept and value the contribution.

But I get to choose where I focus my time, my money, my support and ultimately — what I help create. I want to help create something lasting and sustainable for chiropractic build on the principles of respect, acceptance, creativity, and inclusion.

I’m looking for the tribe of people who want to rethink the ideas— “That is not chiropractic enough” or “that is not the way I learned it” or even “that is not what it says in the green books.” Interpretation is a bitch.

I want to find people who embrace non-violent communication. I want to spend time with people who remind me when I step into old patterns of exclusion, judgement, and “the right way” to be as a chiropractor.

I say — let’s embrace LEARNING without letting others define for us what belongs as part of a chiropractors purview in ongoing education.

To be clear — I am NOT talking about the scope of your practice. While that conversation has similar elements- scope of practice has different legal and practical concerns.

I am talking about what you LEARN and EXPLORE as a chiropractor and who you choose to COLLABORATE with and to potentially CO-CREATE with.

If we only allow chiropractors to have a voice in our industry — we will become more and more insular, separated, isolated and eventually irrelevant.

Chiropractic is not an island. We want and need to be connected to many professions, and many ways of thinking and being in the entrepreneurial space.

I see many millennial chiropractor thinking and behaving this way. The Millennial Minded Chiropractor will let go of the biases and grudges of the past and will open up new discourse — with the goal to hear and learn rather than to defend and defeat.

What do you think? Who decides what is “chiropractic enough”? I am truly curious what you think and what questions you ask.

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