What Does Your Perfect Career Feel Like?

Your perfect career fulfills and makes you feel valuable, yet many of us continue to work unfulfilling jobs every day..

Originally published at millennialmoderator.com.

When it comes to your perfect career, what do you envision yourself doing? When I first began asking myself this question, I thought I knew the answer, but as I started investigating and learning more about myself, I found that I was quite wrong. This is a natural part of the process- exploring and trying new things until you really come to understand who you are as a person. Everyone’s interests and passions surely vary, but there are a few things that all people who have found their perfect careers have in common:

  • They wake up with a smile on their face, excited for the day ahead
  • Their work doesn’t feel like work because they love doing it so much
  • They are immensely wealthy, both financially and spiritually

Imagine waking up with a smile on your face, solely because you are absolutely thrilled with the things you’re going to do during the day. You’re excited to make a difference in the world, knowing that your unique talents and abilities are what got you there. You feel an abundance of joy and privilege at your perfect career each day. Maybe you’re the leader of a company, or you’re working amongst a highly effective team to create something you’re passionate about, or maybe you’re an artist and the world adores your art? Your perfect career is something that puts a smile on your face no matter how many times you do it, and this kind of positive, fulfilling lifestyle fuels you to jump out of bed each morning with passion, rather than rolling out of bed and dreading the day ahead. Listen to yourself, listen to what makes you feel good in life, and take massive action.

Imagine loving what you do so much, that it doesn’t even feel like work. That you are so naturally in tune with your career that you feel honored to be serving your world every single day. That each decision you make comes from a place of passion and curiosity, rather than a place of requirement or pressure. When others ask you how your day at work was, you’re caught off guard because you’ve spent an entire day simply doing that which you love, never once thinking of it as work. You realize that not everybody achieves this level of thinking in life, but you have done it.

Your perfect career will not only make you extremely happy and fulfilled, but it will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, both financially and spiritually. Every movement you make in your perfect career will cause an explosion of growth for both you and those around you. Your life is operating at peak performance, causing positive energy to radiate from your every being, inspiring others just by them being around you. You don’t have to worry about money, you are so good at your perfect career that money pours itself onto you like a waterfall. You are living your best life, creating anything you want, and life is giving you everything you deserve.

Imagine how this all could feel for you, in your own life, where you can provide value to the world in your own, unique way. Achieving your perfect career is not an impossible feat, but it does require hard work and determination. Without these barriers of entry, the gardens of success would be far less glamorous, trampled by anyone who wished to enter on a whim.

Now you must find the tools and resources to get you to this place. For me, years of trying and failing have taught me three key steps to finding my perfect career- my lifes calling. I encourage you to take the time today and truly think about what it is that you want to do in life, and what it is about you, that makes you valuable to others.

Originally published at millennialmoderator.com.